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Sep 16 2020

General Miglietta meets the Honorary Consul of Canada

In Solbiate Olona, the Commander of NRDC-ITA received the Canadian Consular Representative

Solbiate Olona, 9 September 2020. The meeting between Lieutenant General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta and Ezio Maria Simonelli, Honorary Consul of Canada took place today, at the Ugo Mara barracks, the operational headquarters of NATO Rapid Deployable Corps - Italy.

The event offered the opportunity for a fruitful update on the delicate geostrategic situation and the impact of the Alliance's different actions in various areas of interest, for the benefit of all Member States. Moreover, in view of the already dramatic and still unpredictable effects of the global pandemic, the meeting proved invaluable in strengthening ties with the representative of Canada, who, although a contributor to NRDC-ITA since 2018, has sent staff to the NATO Command in Milan, providing fundamental support to the multinational organization.

NRDC-ITA, therefore, resumes meetings with international institutional authorities, with the aim of strengthening the already solid existing collaborations. These initiatives are of vital importance for the Milan Command to reaffirm it is ready and able to support the policies of the Alliance, with the aim of tackling crises and promoting of international stability.

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