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Mar 3 2021

Cyber Webinar hosted by NRDC-ITA

An important event took place virtually with a very high level attendance.

Milan, March 3, 2021. Today, as part of scheduled activities aimed at the professional growth of the NRDC-ITA’s staff, the webinar on Cyberspace operations and security infrastructures was held in Milan.

The conference, divided in two panels, discussed the crucial role of cyber security in contemporary society and potential future developments.

Following the opening remarks by Lieutenant General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, the NRDC-ITA Commander, Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell, the Deputy Commander of LANDCOM, introduced the topic underlining the need for the Alliance to establish common policies, standards and procedures. The first panel included engaging presentations by Mr Martin Konertz, Director Capability, Armament and Technology at the European Defence Agency and Brigadier General Tortorelli of Italian Joint Command for Network Operations focusing on European and Italian perspectives.

The second panel, with special attention dedicated to the security aspects of critical infrastructure, included lectures by Professor Roberto Baldoni, Deputy Director of Italian Security Intelligence Department, Professor Stefano Zanero, Polimi (Politenico di Milano), Doctor Eugenio Santagata, CEO of CY4GATE and Doctor Massimo Crisci, European Space Agency.

The post-presentation discussion stressed the importance of cyber in contemporary geopolitics, as well as the need to foster efforts to cooperate against potential threats. Additionally, the discussions highlighted the impact of new technologies on the decision-making process, the required capabilities to face future challenges and the increasing significance of multidomain operations.

The event was an exceptional opportunity for the NRDC-ITA community, who is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the multinational headquarters, and the diverse guests from military and civilian institutions to learn from each other. The collaborative webinar provided a space to share knowledge and solutions for the dynamic and complex cyber dimension. NRDC-ITA continues to create opportunities for civilian and military leaders to support security and stability.


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