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Sep 24 2021

The successful completion of Eagle Joker

NRDC-ITA completed an important preparatory activity for the Steadfast Jackal 2021 Exercise

From 20 to 24 September, as part of the preparations for the Steadfast Jackal 2021 Exercise, staff and essential elements from the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy and affiliated units, the majority of whom belonging to the Vittorio Veneto Division, conducted the Eagle Joker (EAJO) Exercise.

The event, which is the first of four detailed preparations for Steadfast Jackal 2021, tested the vertical integration between the Joint Task Force Operational level and the Land Tactical element (LTE). Seasoned staff personnel gathered in Ugo Mara Barracks to refine procedures for interaction through vignettes focused on specific areas, with activity generated by pre-scripted injections from LTE to the Operational level and vice versa. Eagle Joker represented a useful opportunity for the multinational staff to prepare for the upcoming exercise and to familiarize staff members with future exercise events.

These training activities, including the upcoming Battle Staff Training, essential augmentee integration, and the warm up period, will end with the Steadfast Jackal 2021 execution phase. The aim of the Exercise is to train NRDC-ITA as a Joint Headquarters within a Non-Article 5 Small Joint Operation Land heavy with limited complexity.

By conducting routine collective training, NRDC-ITA continues to guarantee collective preparation and readiness to enhance its role of a ready and capable organization, proud to contribute to Alliance policies for a safe and stable environment. This engagement is also important when considering the upcoming celebration of the 20th Anniversary Foundation of NRDC-ITA, scheduled to take place during the first week of October.

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