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Dec 9 2021

The successful completion of Steadfast Jackal

NRDC-ITA completed the Steadfast Jackal 2021 Exercise.

Milan, December 09, 2021. After two weeks the Steadfast Jackal 2021 concluded at the operational headquarters of the NRDC– ITA in Solbiate Olona (VA). It’s a complex training opportunity that improved the planning and effectiveness of NATO command as a Joint Task Force Headquarters involved in a crisis scenario.

The Steadfast Jackal 2021 included over 500 military personnel, multinational professionals from 18 Nation. Participants offered their professional capabilities from JFC-NAPLES, The JWC, as EXCON, the AIRCOM (Air Command), the French JFAC (Joint Force Air Command), the German SOCC (Special Operations Component Command), and the Italian Vittorio Veneto Division, as framework of the Italian tactical units. The goal was to refine the planning and the conduct of SJO (Small Joint Operation) in a different context from a NATO Article 5 operation.

The exercise tested the vertical integration between the Joint Task Force Operational level and the Land Tactical element LTE). Seasoned staff personnel gathered in Ugo Mara Barracks to refine procedures for interaction through vignettes focused on specific areas, with activity generated by pre-scripted injections from LTE to the Operational level and vice versa. Steadfast Jackal 2021 represented a useful opportunity for the multinational staff to prepare for the upcoming exercise and to familiarize staff members with future exercise events.

These training activities completed the Steadfast Jackal 2021 execution phase. The aim of the Exercise is to train NRDC-ITA as a Joint Headquarters within a Non-Article 5 Small Joint Operation Land heavy with limited complexity.

By conducting routine collective training, NRDC-ITA continues to guarantee collective preparation and readiness to enhance its role of a ready and capable organization, proud to contribute to Alliance policies for a safe and stable environment. This engagement is also important in conjunction with the 20th Anniversary Foundation of NRDC-ITA.

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