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Jun 16 2022

International Cyberspace Seminar 2022 hosted by NRDC-ITA

Today NRDC-ITA hosted a dynamic seminar on the increasingly important cyber domain: Cyberspace risks to NATO/EU and main issues/challenges to conduct Cyberspace Operations at the operational level.The seminar aimed to connect cyber experts as part of scheduled activities that develop and gmdl-grid NRDC-ITA’s multinational staff.The conference, divided in two panels, discussed the crucial role of cyber security in contemporary society and potential future developments.

After his opening remarks, Lieutenant General Lorenzo D’Addario, the NRDC-ITA Commander, welcomed guests and started the discussion. He highlighted the relevance of cyber and the importance of deeper understanding, especially regarding cyber security and developing a concrete awareness of the risks and challenges for NATO in cyberspace operations.The seminar developed the topic of Cyberspace focusing on Atlantic, European and national perspectives regarding Collective Defense, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security. The first session included Professor Sadie Creese, Co-Director Cyber Security Center, University of Oxford, Mr. Mario Beccia, Deputy Chief Information Officer for Cyber Security at NATO HQ, Mr. Stefano Piermarocchi, Head of the Enterprise Cyber Risk Management of the NATO Headquarters, Mrs Ifigeneia Lella, Cyber Security Officer at ENISA (EU Cyber Security Agency). The second session saw the rotation of different civilian and military subject matter experts like Dr. Antonio Cerasa, CEO Starmille and Prof. Stefano Zanero, Politecnico of Milan.

The discussions underscored that cyber threats to the security of the Alliance are becoming more complex with cyber campaigns below the threshold of an armed attack launched by transnational actors, who are able to achieve a wide array of effects at different levels. Within this environment, and in preparation for Exercise Steadfast Jackal 2022, NRDC-ITA organized the second edition of international Cyberspace Seminar to improve its capability to plan, coordinate and conduct cyberspace operations in accordance with International Laws, including the UN Charter, International Humanitarian Laws, and Human Rights Laws. Furthermore, the cyber domain will continue to be included in NRDC-ITA training scenarios to support the Alliance’s efforts to actively deter, defend against and to counter the full spectrum of cyber threats, during peacetime, crisis and conflict, at the political, military and technical level.

The event was an exceptional opportunity for the multinational NRDC-ITA community and the diverse guests from military and civilian institutions to learn from each other, provide a space to share knowledge and solutions for the dynamic and complex cyber dimension.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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