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Feb 23 2022



Key Leaders Training (KLT) & Academics.

From 21 to 23 February, as part of essential preparations for the upcoming Exercise Steadfast Jackal 2022, military leaders and staff personnel from across the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Italy and affiliated units attended Key Leader Training (KLT) and Academics at Ugo Mara Barracks.

Steadfast Jackal 2022 is a SHAPE sponsored exercise which will train NRDC-ITA as a Joint Headquarters in planning and conducting a non-article 5 Small Joint Operation with limited complexity.

The activity was focused on the development of key leaders’ ability to provide directions and guidance for planning operations through the use of decision-making process. The Training audience also attended Combined Academics to ensure a common understanding of the future mission and the related execution.

KLT and Academics represented a useful opportunity for the staff to prepare for the exercise and the latter Crisis Response Planning (CRP).

These training activities will ensure that NRDC-ITA continues to be at the forefront of operational capability, maintaining constant vigilance of potential threats to the Alliance. In doing so, NRDC-ITA remains credible and reinforces the core NATO aim of deterrence and collective defence.

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