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Dec 1 2022

NRDC-ITA undergoes a NATO evaluation and obtains the certification as Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ)

STEADFAST JACKAL 2022 concluded

Stavanger (NOR), 1 December 2022.The executive phase of the STEADFAST JACKAL 2022 exercise was concluded in Stavanger, Norway, at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC), aimed at certifying the ability to plan and apply NATO command and control procedures in the configuration of Joint Task Force Headquarters, deployed in a crisis scenario.

The complex setting of the exercise included also a Joint Logistic Support Group deployed in Solbiate Olona (VA) in collaboration with NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

The validation of NRDC - ITA was achieved through exercising the Command within a Non-Article 5, Small Joint Operation (SJO), where it operated against fictitious terrorist groups, leveraging the available inter-force assets in order to coordinate the effects and putting into practice the skills acquired during the preparatory phases.

A force of more than 1000 military personnel - included were involved, from many NATO contributing nations, demonstrating the core strength of the Alliance, characterized by the deployment of all Armed Forces personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Carabinieri) with the participation of other Alliance bodies in addition to the Vittorio Veneto Division, as an integrated Land Tactical Element (LTE) embedded in the Joint Task Force Headquarters (JTF HQ), in compliance with the strategic guidelines issued for the conduct of Alliance operations.

In particular, the exercise focused on the effectiveness of the interaction procedures between the operational and tactical levels through the reaction to multiple events. The exercise proved a valuable vehicle to improve and embed the professional skill and adaptability of the staff and build the specific knowledge required to complete the configuration of a Joint Headquarters.

Exercise STEADFAST JACKAL 22 developed some highly relevant outcomes, such as the analysis of critical operational issues related to the decision-making process and the exercise of leadership supported by the correct and timely application of executive procedures by the staff. As part of the exercise, the NRDC-ITA staff also had the opportunity to consolidate the integration of the different functional areas.

The exercise, which culminated on 30 November with the Distinguished Visitors Day attended by the H.E. Stefano Nicoletti, Ambassador of Italy in Norway, and many senior civil and military leaders of NATO and the Italian Armed Forces, officially validated the capabilities of NRDC- ITA.

NRDC-ITA has now demonstrated its ability to operate with confidence, as a JTF HQ, always ready and effective in projecting itself in a given crisis area and fulfilling its assigned international mandate. The multinational staff has provided timely evidence to the Alliance's recent transformation policies, acting as a forerunner in the promotion and adoption of innovative Command and Control solutions and procedures. The facilities and scenario provided by NATO’s Joint Warfare Centre have been central to the success of NRDC-ITA, which undoubtedly challenged the staff and ensured that the lessons identified will further strengthen the ability of the HQ going forward.

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