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May 29 2023

In Solbiate Olona the 1st edition of NRDC-ITA No Limits

In Solbiate Olona the 1st edition of NRDC-ITA No Limits  

Solbiate Olona, 27 May 2023.The military and civilian authorities of the Province of Varese and the municipalities of the Olona Valley attended the first edition of NRDC ITA’s No Limits at Ugo Mara Barracks.

The event, organized with the Italian Paralympic Committee of Lombardy, Special Olympics Lombardy of the Province of Varese, and the Municipality of Solbiate Olona was aimed at raising the awareness of disability issues while at the same time exposing th athletes to a military environment.

Some athletes of the Defense Paralympic Sports Group (GSPD), the local student community, and various Associations joined the initiative which was opened by the Commander of NRDC- ITA, Lieutenant General Lorenzo D'Addario.

The Commander welcomed all participants by elaborating on how participating in sport activities are a useful tool to increase self-confidence beyond the limitations arising from a disability. On this specific topic, the Italian Army has always granted its support to personnel who suffered permanent injuries or illnesses while conducting operations.

Specifically, during No Limits day, there was a circuit with numerous sports activities including basketball, baseball, table soccer, table tennis, hand biking, running, karate, and skating which allowed the disabled athletes to practice each sport.

Since 2001, events of a charitable nature and donations have been organized and conducted by NRDC-ITA, supporting various associations operating in the area.

NRDC-ITAs actions are a further confirmation that the NATO Command is always ready to intervene, not only in crisis areas, but also to support local communities.

Story by NRDC Public Affairs Office


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