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Jun 3 2024

NRDC-ITA: Steadfast Deterrence 24 (STDC-24) exercise concluded

NRDC-ITA certified as Allied Reaction Force (ARF).  

Stavanger, 31 May 2024. The executive phase of the Steadfast Deterrence 2024 (STDC24) exercise, aimed at certifying the ability of the NRDC-ITA to plan and apply NATO command and control procedures in the new Allied Reaction Force (ARF) configuration, has concluded.  

The ARF, reporting directly to SACEUR, is a crucial component of the new NATO Force Model which supports the concept of "Deterrence" and "Defence" of the Euro-Atlantic area (DDA) and was appropriately designed to be complementary to the NATO Regional Plans agreed by all Allies at the Vilnius summit, in 2023.

During the exercise, NRDC-ITA planned and carried out rapid deployment with a clear multinational and multidomain approach, completed in just over two weeks in Norway.

It operated in close coordination with the Norwegian Armed Forces and subordinate components. These are: the Land Component Command led by the 1st UK Division, the Maritime Component Command (MCC), the Air Component Command (ACC), the Cyber command, the Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSpCC), the Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG) and NATO strategic assets as the Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) and the Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Defence Task Force (CBRND TF).

Over 200 soldiers in Stavanger and other staff virtually participated from Solbiate Olona as the Permanent Headquarters (PHQ) with a robust response cell provided by SHAPE. Furthermore, there was a multinational contribution testifying a synergy characterized by the use of Armed Forces personnel (Army, Navy, Air Force and Carabinieri) with the participation of other Alliance entities in line with the strategic guidelines issued for the conduct of NATO operations.

In particular, the exercise focused on the effectiveness of the interaction between the operational and strategic levels through the reaction to various activations. The activity was useful to increase the professional background of the staff and the specific knowledge needed to complete the quick deployment of the ARF, as a highly flexible force. 

The STDC24 developed some relevant themes, such as the analysis of strategic critical issues linked to the management of communication campaigns, under the SHAPE guidance, to counter any form of propaganda activity by the counterpart aimed at damaging the image of the ARF and NATO.

The exercise officially certified the capabilities of NRDC – ITA as ARF, ready and effective to be protected into a specific crisis area and therefore able to fulfil the assigned international mandate

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