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Jul 3 2024

Video:NRDC-ITA takes the lead of the Allied Reaction Force (ARF)

Solbiate Olona, July 1, 2024 - Today, at the NRDC-ITA Headquarters, a ceremony was held to mark the new role of the NATO Command in Solbiate Olona as ARF HQ for the next three years. 

The ARF is a completely new concept, resulting from a political decision made at the NATO summit in Vilnius in 2023, aimed at providing SACEUR with rapidly deployable forces (across all domains) to achieve immediate results and to effectively respond to potential crisis situations in all types of operations. This new role will also strengthen the existing relationships of the NATO Command in Solbiate Olona, allowing it to cooperate with new partners and allies to share skills and experiences, while demonstrating the highest principles of cohesion and legitimacy.

Video by NRDC -ITA Public Affairs Office


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