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Mar 5 2024

Visit of the Deputy Commander of NATO AIRCOM

NRDC-ITA hosts Air Marshal Johnny Stringer, the Deputy Commander of NATO’s Allied Air Command

Solbiate Olona, March 1, 2024. Today, the visit of the Deputy Commander of AIRCOM, Air Marshal Johnny Stringer, took place at the operational headquarters of NRDC-ITA, where he was welcomed by the Commander of NRDC-ITA, Lieutenant General Lorenzo D’Addario.

The event was marked by the sharing of experiences and the exploration of potential areas of convergence, with a special focus on NATO's future challenges, in view of NRDC-ITA's upcoming role as the Allied Reaction Force (ARF) Headquarters (HQ) to support the Alliance in its three main tasks: deterrence and defense, crisis prevention and management, and cooperative security. 

Air Marshal Stringer and the AIRCOM delegation, meeting with the Commander of NRDC-ITA and Major General Bennet, Deputy Commander of NRDC-ITA, received an informative briefing on the new commitment of the Milan Command within the Alliance and the defense of the Euro-Atlantic area, which, after a long series of activities, will culminate in Exercise Steadfast Deterrence 24, aimed at validating ARF HQ starting from July 1, 2024. 

The designation of NRDC-ITA as the ARF HQ with multi-domain capabilities and multinational subordinate units is a further demonstration of Italy's commitment to supporting the Alliance and its objectives of "Deterrence" and "Defense" in the Euro-Atlantic area.

Story by NRDC-ITA Public Affairs Office

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